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Saat Kadam launch at the High Commisson of India, 23 March 2017

Jai Verma’s latest book of short stories, Saat Kadam, was formally launched at the High Commission of India in London. The title of the book translates as ‘Seven Stories’.

London Events to Honour Hindi

Link to Asian Lite website: London Events to Honour Hindi MP Mr Virendra Sharma and Governer of Goa

National Poetry Day – “Notts Does Poems part 4” – Jai Verma – Chair and Co-founder of Kavya Rang, a multilingual poetry society – A Moment.

Nottingham’s Indian Summer

Last weekend was a real treat for fans of South Asian culture, as the Mela took over the city and Kavya Rang Multilingual Poetry Group held their annual Kavi Sammelan (a traditional Indian poetry recital). On Saturday, a group of poets who’d… Continue Reading →

Kavya Rang: India Meets Nottingham

Taken from Nottingham City of Literature. Originally set up as ‘Gitanjali Trent’ in the early noughties, an East Midlands off-shoot of a project in the West Midlands, but eventually grew in popularity and became its own entity. Headed up by… Continue Reading →

Newspaper cutting, Meerut 2016

Return to Alma Mater, Meerut 2014

Jai returned to her former college, Ragunath Girl’s College, in 2014, for the first time in 45 years. She was invited to speak about Hindi, and its influence abroad. The headline reads ‘The Himalaya of Hindi Shall Not Be Shaken’.

Meeting with Neeraj ji, in Lucknow 2009

Mahayasi Mahadevi Samman Meeting with Neeraj ji, in Lucknow 2009, as guests of Akhil Bhartiya Manchiya Kavi Peeth .

Interview with MATV Leicester, Fankar with Farzana 2008

Jai was interviewed by MATV, Leicester,  for Fankar with Farzana, 2008.

Q Asia Quiz Show, BBC2

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