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Published poem in Gaur Group Newspaper, in Ghaziabad, 2017

Interview in The Beestonian magazine

Issue 55 of The Beestonian featured an article with Jai Verma, about her past, life, hobbies and writing career. A digital copy of the magazine can be found by visiting Issuu: Beestonian 55 Alternatively you can read the article via The… Continue Reading →

Poetry Programme at High Commission of London, 13 November 2017

Poetry Meeting, Kavya Rang on 12 November 2017

Report on the poetry recital at Muktibodh, in Jagatwani, 2017

Article in Jagatwani UK about South Asian Heritage

Pur Vai

Meeting DH Suniti Sharma

Meeting Mr Mahsingh Poonia at HCI London

Meeting Minister of Health and Education Nishak


PUBLICATIONS: Invitation to contribute towards a renowned academic journal. Aksharwarta ISSN 2349-7521 International research journal is an international academic , interdisciplinary, Monthly, and fully  refereed journal focusing on theories, methods and applications in various fields like Arts, Humanities, Social Science,… Continue Reading →

Book review of Saat Kadam by Navin Lohni

जय वर्मा की कहानियों में उनके अनुभव जगत का साक्षात्कार है।  ब्रिटेन की पृष्ठभूमि में रची गई ये सातों कहानियाँ अलग – अलग स्थितियों – परिस्थितियों से रू-बरु कराती हैं।  सात कदम में शामिल  सभी कहानियाँ अपने कथा फलक को पाठक से तारतम्य ही नहीं बिठाती बल्कि अपने… Continue Reading →

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