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National Poetry Day – “Notts Does Poems part 4” – Jai Verma – Chair and Co-founder of Kavya Rang, a multilingual poetry society – A Moment.

Nottingham’s Indian Summer

Last weekend was a real treat for fans of South Asian culture, as the Mela took over the city and Kavya Rang Multilingual Poetry Group held their annual Kavi Sammelan (a traditional Indian poetry recital). On Saturday, a group of poets who’d… Continue Reading →

Kavya Rang: India Meets Nottingham

Taken from Nottingham City of Literature. Originally set up as ‘Gitanjali Trent’ in the early noughties, an East Midlands off-shoot of a project in the West Midlands, but eventually grew in popularity and became its own entity. Headed up by… Continue Reading →

Newspaper cutting, Meerut 2016

Grand Kavi Sammelan 2016 at Nottingham Castle

Chief guests were Governer of West Bengal Mr Keshri Nath Tripathi, Sheriff of Nottingham Jackie Morris, Counsell General Mr J K Sharma, Hindi and Cultural Attache Tarun Kumar. And special guest Dame Asha Khemka. Awarded poet was Mr Santokh Dhaliwal

Independence Day 2015 with the High Commissioner and the Minister of Coordination

The Nottingham Kavya Rang group

Reception by HCI London, 2015

Memory Café Nottingham Charity Coffee Morning / Lunch 2015

Beeston Memory Cafe is a charity based in Beeston, Notts; which meets twice a month to support those with dementia and other conditions. As a fundraiser, coffee and lunch at Jai Verma’s house was held and raised money to keep… Continue Reading →

High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire

The Inauguration and oath-reading of the High Sheriff of Nottingham Jas Bilkhu, at Nottingham Sikh Temple.

Poets in Nottingham, 2004

2004 Meeting of poets including Sarvesh Chandausvi (far left); Ajay Gupta (centre, with scarf); Manzar Bhopali (second right); Yusuf Bhandwaj (far right).

HCI Mr Mathai reception dinner by ICCA Nottingham

HCI London: Mr Mathai reception dinner by ICCA Nottingham, with CGI Mr J Sharma and Freeman of Nottingham Mr N Puri, 8th August 2015, on reception of the CBE.  

Independence Day 2015 ICCA

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