Nottingham Wollaton Library Story workshop

Purvai 2016

Rekha Vasishtha from the library organised the story workshop with Kavya Rang. Conducted by Tejendra Sharma.

Saturday 28 March: Nottingham City opportunity to hold the story workshop in the library. Powerpoint presentation by famous author Tejendra Sharma. I talk about the tradition of the story and clarified the difference between the story. New story movement came changes in writing since the description of the story and today’s young generation of writers also mention him.
I believe that to read Hindi writers living abroad is very important so that today’s young generation could explain the idiom.
In addition to the members of the kavyarang workshop, Nottingham from Birmingham were also novelists Sandeep Nayyar. The Hindi and Cultural Attache from The High Commission of India was the Chief Guest, Mr. Binod Kumar. Active involvement of participants in the workshop.